Ohio ENA believes that the use of a liaison model, as opposed to a traditional committee model, is the best way to have fluid grassroots participation of its members.  Committee and Liaison appointments are done so at the discretion of Ohio ENA’s President.  Current positions and appointments include: 

Position Name Email Start End
Board Liaison
Communications Chair Jeanie Burnie communications@ohioena.org 2016 2016
Delegate/General Assembly Chair Michelle Cockrell general.assembly@ohioena.org 2017 2017
EMS Chair Debra Bowman # 2017 2017
Fund Raising Chair Gordon Gillespie n/a 2016 2016
Goverment Affairs Chair Michelle Cockrell government.affairs@ohioena.org 2016 2016
IQSIP Chair Deborah Scwytzer deborah.schwytzer@uc.edu 2016 2016
Meetings Planning Chair OPEN education@ohioena.org
Membership Chair Kimberly Johnson membership@ohioena.org 2017 2017
Press Secretary Kris Napier president@ohioena.org 2017 2017
Research Chair Kimberly Johnson kimj74@gmail.com 2016 2016
TNCC/Trauma Chair
ENPC/Pediatric Chair
Janelle Glasgow 2017 2017

Government Affairs Liaison:  Ohio ENA’s Government Affairs Liaison is responsible for advocating the ENA Public Policy Agenda as identified by the National ENA and for promoting additional positions adopted by Ohio ENA State Council that are in congruence with the national public policy agenda.  For additional current info about legislative issues pertinent to emergency nurses, contact the current Government Affairs Liaison. 

TNCC/ENPC Liaison:  Ohio ENA’s TNCC/ENPC Liaison has oversight for TNCC and ENPC Courses offered in Ohio. For additional questions about Ohio TNCC courses, contact the current TNCC/ENPC Liaison.