Ohio ENA members may be eligible for reimbursement of the cost of the CEN, CFRN, CPEN, CTRN, or TCRN exam.  Requests must be submitted within six months of when the exam was taken.  See also Ohio ENA Policy & Procedures Manual which includes the CEN Exam Remuneration Policy.

  • Ohio ENA CEN Remuneration Policy [ PDF ]
  • Ohio ENA CEN Remuneration Form [ PDF ]

To submit completed forms or for further question about CEN Exam Remuneration, please contact the Ohio ENA Membership Liaison at  Thanks!


Past Certification Grant Award Recipients

Recipient Chapters Certifications
Janet Divelbliss Eastern Chapter .
Marie Garison Greater Cincinnati Chapter CEN
Christine Hines . .
Robert Rossini . CEN
Deborah Schwytzer Greater Cincinnati Chapter CEN
Kaci Chappo . .
Nicholas Chmielewski Central Ohio Chapter CEN
Elizabeth Novakovich . .
Margaret Prebonick . .
Sharon Walsh-Hart . .
Janette Wheeler . .
Michelle Widecan . .
Craig Zahniser . .
Beverly Clensey Central Ohio Chapter .
Bridget Geiger . .
Pauline Herlihy . .
Brenda Luchs Eastern Chapter .
Pamela McFadden . .
Joan Reisdorf . .
Kaamilya Reddens . .
Erin Cloud . .
Jamie Emery . .
Lori Johansen . CEN
Karen Pace Greater Cleveland CEN
Crystal Downhour . CEN
Katie Bush Toledo Seagate Chapter CEN
Ashton Garner . CEN
Kristie Gallagher Seagate Chapter CEN TCRN
Diane Cook Toledo Seagate Chapter CEN
Terry Foster Greater Cincinnati Chapter CEN CPEN TCRN
Sara Marotti Eastern Ohio Chapter CEN CPEN TCRN
Erin Monroe . CEN
Jeff Bell Greater Cincinnati Chapter CEN TCRN
Susan Bernardicuis Greater Cincinnati Chapter CEN