Ohio ENA is recognized by National ENA as a "three-tier state.”

National Tier: 

  • National offices and committees appointments are open to any eligible ENA member. Contact the National ENA if interested in serving on the National level. All ENA members have an annual opportunity to participate on the National ENA level by attending the General Assembly and/or Scientific Assembly in the Fall! 

State Tier: 

  • The name of our state organization is Ohio Emergency Nurses Association (Ohio ENA).  Ohio ENA is comprised of approximately 1,200 emergency nurses that reside in Ohio. 
  • Ohio ENA State Council is the official governing body responsible for the management of the affairs of Ohio ENA members in relation to ENA. The State Council is comprised of voting members representing each regional chapter and Ohio ENA’s Board of Directors. 
  • Ohio ENA Board of Directors is comprised of the Officers and Directors-at-large of Ohio ENA. Their duties are further described in section 2A of our bylaws. 
  • Additional information about our state organization’s governance can be obtained from our Bylaws.

Regional/Local Tier: 

There are currently six regional/local chapters in Ohio that encompass ENA members from across the state. All Ohio ENA Chapters have a page as part of this website that they can use to list announcements, meetings, updates and/or educational offerings as they see fit. Local chapters are encouraged to post information that can be shared with other Ohio ENA members. 

For more information about a Chapter’s webpage and how to access it, contact us.